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    Bridger of Worlds

    VR Artist/ Art Director




  • Passion for Hyperspace

    Sara Phinn Huntley is an artist, writer, and researcher whose work has explored the intersection of psychedelics, technology, and philosophy for the past two decades, pushing her understanding into pioneering VR mediums for psychedelic exploration and research.


    An intrepid DMT psychonaut and cartographer of hyperspace, her current focus involves using VR to explore representative visual/spatial imagination in real-time, and the subsequent remapping of the brain that occurs.


    Her past work has utilized a multimedium and multidisciplinary approach to document and explore the states revealed by dimethyltriptamime and other psychedelics, and cargo cult higher dimensional artifacts through the intersection of chaos mathematics, Islamic geometry, and 3D diagrammatic performance capture.


    Her work has been published by the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies, featured in Diana Reed Slattery's Xenolinguistics and most recently "The Illustrated Field to the DMT Entities" with David Jay Brown (Inner Tradition 2024).



    "We are dimensional beings. We do not live on paper, or on screens."


    An exploration into the intersections between technology, art, and philosophy.

    Dreamseed_VR presents it's first panel with Visionary Digital artists Phong, Eloh Projects, and Mark Lee Somnio8
    We discuss the intersection of Visionary Art culture and Digital mediums, Crypto and Metaverse culture, Artificial Intelligence, Biomorphic intelligece, and what the future holds.

    Dreamseed_VR: Lucid Dreaming and Virtual Reality

    In this episode I share some recent studies that confirm the connection between lucid dreaming and virtual reality. We also explore introductory techniques to induce lucidity from normal dream states.


    Dreamseed_VR: Parasocial

    In this episode we explore the psychological concept of parasocial relationships and how they relate to new media, such as social media and social VR.

    Dreamseed_VR Interviews Anson Phong of Microdose VR


    The first installment of the Dreamseed_VR interview series is here! Today we talk to my friend Phong of Microdose VR about digital alchemy, lucid dreams, and creating flow states in virtual reality all while he gives us a mind bending tour of Microdose VR


    VR Artist/

    Art Director

    Virtual Reality art in Tiltbrush, Adobe Substance Modeler, and Gravity Sketch.


    Installations, wearables, character design, and concept art.



    Over 10 years specializing in public speaking, interactive theater, immersive technology, projection mapping, and performance art.


    Featured speaker in Podcasts, interviews and conferences. Featured lecturer on Biomorphic Empathy at Shift, Palenque Norte, and Fractal Nation camps at Burningman 

    VR Theater

    Award winning Virtual world set design and VR acting.

    (Sundance Audience Choice Immersive Experience 2021, Venice International Film Festival Best XR 2021)


    Festivals, Stages, Sets, Installations, VR Assets


    Game Design, Virtual Events, Virtual Theater, Virtual Venues, Music Videos


    Film Maker

    "Lux Natura"

    Animated film for projection performance art series.

    Concept, storyboard, editing, and direction by Sara Phinn.

    Animation and editing by Tristan Irving



    This VR sculpture is an exploration of the magic of letters and words giving structure to our perceptions of reality.

    VRdant Garden

    Gorgeous large installation of flower garden with over 35 realistically rendered species.

    Joe Rogan DMT Trip

    This piece is an homage to two of my favorite media titan Joe Rogan.

    This piece is made in good humor and with good intentions.

    Music by Hendawg


    Companies I've worked with include:

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    Finding Pandora X

    VR Theatrical production

    VR Artist and VR actress

    Featured at the Venice film Festival 2020

    Won Best VR Experience


    Audience Choice Immersive Media SXSW 2020



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    Event Arts Curator w/ Immersio

    UploadVR 2015 World Kickoff Tour SF

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    Collaborator and Art Gallery curation

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    Augmented Worlds Expo 2014

    Contracted Performer with Mystic Midway

    Immersive Harlequin actor in the AR interactive theatrical installation,

    The Mystic Midway.





    "Phinn's work is at home in the future. Its genre defying.
    She has an eye for creating an aesthetic in any medium, and isn't afraid to use it. She's inspiring to work with."

    Eriks Strals Immersio


    “Sara Huntley is brilliantly expressive in a wide array of mediums— I’m continuously mesmerized by her magical creations.”

    David Jay Brown

    Author of Dreaming Wide Awake and coauthor of Women of Visionary Art.

    "Sara's art gives me deja vu: its like a dream distilled into the real."

    Emily U. -

    Longtime Collector


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